Drain Rodding


Having trouble with blocked pipes or drain? You would want to handle that problem with a professional to avoid any future issues. That’s why Mr Engineers Ltd is here to solve all of your concerns and provide you with drain cleaning and emergency plumbing and heating service in London.

What is Rodding? 

The act of using a flexible rod to deal with the blockage in drain and pipe is called Rodding. These rods are screwed from ends and then guided within the gutters through a man-hole. These rods unblock the obstruction to the flow of water. Their use ranges from smaller blockages such as bathroom drains to mainline sewer pipelines. After the Rodding process, the debris is cleared and flushed with jet into the drains. 

Why do you need Rodding?

The blockage may occur when your sink fills with water, and it takes a while to empty it. If the water seems to back up into the sink or toilet, it indicates a more severe blockage. The blockage of the mainline in your house is particularly dangerous as it could result in dark water (contaminated water with human or other waste) backing up in your home. It can cause extensive damage and is very unhygienic. It is also essential to note large trees growing in Infront of your house. The roots of such trees grow within the sewer lines. These sewer lines connect the pipes of the home with the street. Massive damage done to sewer lines is due to this blockage.


One of the most common drain clearance methods is through drain Rodding. Clearing of the gutters gets done through different drain rods and unblocking tools. ‘Winding up’ tree roots can be done by special rods. In case of any blockage, it’s crucial to call for a professional 24/7 plumbing service Mr Engineers Ltd to come and fix all of your problems in no time. 

Mr. Engineers Ltd–Here to Unclog your Drain Pipes! 


Dealing with blocked sinks and toilets are issues that can be a pain in the nose. You must be wondering, “What plumbing services are available in my area?” Choosing the right kind of services is crucial as you don’t want to have any future problems. If you’re going to choose a plumbing service with respective qualified and licensed professions then, you came to the right place! Mr Engineers Ltd provides a certified trained team of engineers and offers you exceptional drain rodding services for blockage issues!


We respect your time, money, and comfort. Our exemplary services are the reasons we always had positive feedback. We can show you all the official documents to help you give peace and satisfaction. There are no hidden fees as we always take our payment upfront. We always come within 60 minutes of the call at the designated location. We provide insurance that covers public liability to avoid any future troubles for you. All our services are available 24/7 day all week long! 

Call us for the best plumbing services! 


Our cordial and reliable staff will help you have the experience you won’t regret. We can provide you the services with utmost satisfaction and within the time limit according to your need. Our reliable staff offers the best emergency plumbing services for draining, rodding, and relieving blockage in London. 


We respect your time and expenditures. Our staff follows the legal protocols to avoid any future troubles for you. For us, your satisfaction is our greatest compliment. So give us a call and never be disappointed! 

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