Dual Fuel Cooker Installation


Gas appliances have their own pros, and electrical appliances their own. You may choose either one of them according to your needs and the supply type in your place.

But what if you could have an appliance fit in your place that works both ways and brings you both kinds of benefits? Well, dual fuel cookers are here to enhance your cooking experience!

A dual fuel cooker provides you with the benefits of both: a gas hob and an electric fan oven. This means that the heat will be distributed evenly and your food will be cooked throughout in only one appliance.

Mr. Engineers Ltd is here to give you exceptional services regarding dual fuel cooker installation in London. We dispense authorized engineers for you with adequate IDs and their legal installation permissions so that you can affirm yourself regarding the legitimacy of the services provided to you.

The need for a legally permitted engineer

It is necessary to have the legal confirmation/approval of a qualified engineer regarding the safety and functioning of the dual fuel cooker which eventually helps in quality home maintenance. So don’t go on just setting up the dual fuel cooker by yourself even though it may seem appealing and easy!

To be on the safer side, you should always be clear of whether a Gas Safe registered engineer is fitting your appliance and checking it. When it comes to electrical equipment, the engineer must be governing body accredited.

We can help you give yourself the peace and confirmation by showing you all the official documents and that too, with 24/7 emergency services!

Why choose us?

Our services

Dual fuel cookers are handy yet complex appliances, raising the need for their installation to be carefully monitored. Call us for dual fuel cooker installation in London and here are the steps that we will follow: 

Checking the location

First, you have to confirm the following requirements:

  • Clear access to your property; There should be a route wide enough for a small VAN to fit in.
  • The room your new dual-range cooker is going to be fitted in has first-hand ventilation to an outside space.
  • The height, width, and depth are suitable for the space in your kitchen.

What we do

Here is the procedure we will follow:

  • A complete health and safety inspection around the duel fuel cooker installation place
  • Disconnecting the old cooker for free
  • Unboxing the new appliance with caution
  • Affirming the safety and legitimacy of current connections
  • Evaluating the tightness and safety of the gas connection and electrical pathway
  • Testing the new cooker completely to check its functionality
  • Providing you with the Gas Appliance Installation certificate.

You’re in for the optimum experience!

With our reliable staff, our customers are provided with a secure, first-rate dual fuel cooker installation for quality home maintenance. A cordial engineer will help you have the best experience you deserve that would be, of course, within the time limit according to your need. You will be absolutely delighted with our services.

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