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The comparison between gas and electric appliances has always been a hot topic since both of them have their own pros and cons. There are specific situations in which gas appliances are preferred over electric appliances and vice versa.

As the term suggests, an electric boiler heats your water by using only electricity. Compared to gas boilers that are commonly used, the most recently introduced electric boilers are exceedingly different.

As a professional firm that values its clients’ safety and satisfaction, we feel obliged to provide salient explanations along with exceptional installation and repair services so that our clients are as much awareness as possible and can make the right decision for their quality home maintenance. So here is everything you need to know about electric boilers and our services!

Why have an electric boiler | Pros

Electric boilers have some traits that make them stand out like:

1.Energy Efficiency

Electric boilers are very energy efficient and they make sure that the electricity is wasted as less as possible

2.No Pollution

Say goodbye to smokey and stinky gases! Electric boilers heat your water for your central heating systems without creating gas wastes.


They gather comparatively very little space as they don’t require any gas pipes and connections.

Cons/disadvantages of electric boilers

Along with significant pros, electric boilers aren’t seen in the majority of the places because of:


Electricity is much more expensive than gas.

2.Unability to work in places where there is frequent load shedding

Without electricity, your electric boiler won’t work. So it obviously isn’t a good idea if you live in a place where electricity outages are a common thing.

Mr. Engineers Ltd – Taking care of all these complicated tasks!

Well, let’s be real. Plumbing issues really are a pain in the nose. Now, you must be looking for getting an electric boiler installed wondering, ‘where do I find plumbers in my area?’

Mr. Engineers Ltd in your service will provide you licensed engineers with authorized IDs and their legal installation permissions so that you can affirm yourself regarding the authenticity of the services provided to you. We provide exceptional services for electric boiler installation and maintenance services in London for your quality home maintenance! 

We as a professional crew respect your time, money, and comfort and that is why we always had positive feedback. We can help you give yourself peace and satisfaction by showing you all the official documents and that too, with 24/7 emergency services! Our authorized and cordial plumbers are there to help you out at any time.

Why select Mr. Engineers over other firms?

  • We leave no doubts about the qualification of our crew because they are provided with licensed and strenuous training before starting working
  • Give us a call and expect professional domestic and commercial electricians in London get the electric boilers installed and repaired in no time
  • Our insurance covers up to 5 million public liability
  • We have a quick response time, expect a local plumber at your place within 60 minutes
  • Our repair services make your appliances new again in no time
  • We provide the best emergency plumbing services and home repair and maintenance services all day and that too, all throughout the week!
  • Foremost electric boiler Installation and replacement service in London

Our Service

As soon as you call us, our plumbers will arrive at your place at the time that is required. Whether it is any plumbing related thing you require, expect a durable and reliable electric boiler installed within the appropriate budget and span of time.

Our engineers will follow all the legal protocols and licit documentations so you won’t have any future troubles.

We guarantee you utter and total satisfaction!

With our reliable staff, our customers are provided with secure, first-rate services for quality home maintenance.

A cordial engineer will help you have the best experience you deserve that would be, of course, within the time limit according to your need. You won’t be able to resist calling us again for other services!

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