Electric Cooker Installation


You probably know this yourself, but let us remind you again. Having a reliable cooker in your home is of great significance. 

Nor do electric cookers provide a fancy look to your kitchen, but they provide clean and consistent heating of your food thoroughly too.

Fitting an electric cooker may come off as a piece of cake and do-able by yourself but hold on, you need to have the legal confirmation/approval of a qualified engineer regarding the safety and functioning of the electric cooker which eventually helps in quality home maintenance, of course.

Licensed engineers

Mr. Engineers Ltd in your service will provide you authorized engineers with authorized IDs and their legal installation permissions so that you can affirm yourself regarding the authenticity of the services provided to you.

Mr. Engineer provides licensed engineers for 24-hour emergency electric engineering and plumbing services and that too, 7 days a week!

You should always be clear of whether a Registered Electrical Contractor engineer is fitting your appliance and checking it because when it comes to electrical equipment, the engineer must be governing body accredited.

We can help you give yourself peace and confirmation by showing you all the official documents!

Why prefer Mr. Engineers Ltd over other firms?


Here are the steps that we follow in the electric cooker installation services in London so that you can have as much awareness as possible.

Inspection of the location

First, you have to affirm the following requirements with your place where the services are required:

  • Check if there is clear access to your property; There should be a route wide enough for a small VAN to fit in.
  • Check the proportions of the place where the electric cooker is to be installed so that the appropriate appliance can be used.
  • Check the electric connections in your home. 

Our Service

Here is the procedure we will follow:

  • A complete health and safety inspection around the electric cooker installation place
  • Disconnecting the old cooker for free
  • Unboxing the new appliance with caution
  • Affirming that the current connections are legal and safe
  • Checking the tightness and workability of the electric connection
  • Testing the new cooker completely
  • Providing you with the Electrical Installation Certificate.

You won’t be disappointed!

With our quick and efficient services, you will have an aesthetic and reliable electric cooker in your home in no time. We guarantee you professional assistance that will help you be content regarding your quality home maintenance, and you won’t be able to resist calling us again!

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