Electric Cooker


If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen to a modern version, electric appliances are the best way to do it. They look fancier and also make your job easier and safer and are trendy these days. 

Cookers, of course, are the most important part of the kitchen. Obviously, where would you be cooking your food without it?

An Electric Cooker, as the name tells, is run on electricity. It often has four stoves or one or two ovens. It has numerous pros, such as:

  • More efficient heating. Your kitchen will stay cooler and your food will get warm
  • Consistency in temperature helps cook your food thoroughly
  • Can be cleaned very easily, just a wipe away
  • Ease of usage

Gas cooker or an electric one?

If you have a gas cooker and want to replace it with an electric one, or you just want to choose between either one of them, it is always better to be aware of the pros and cons of both of them.

Cons of an electric cooker

  • Newer models cost more
  • Can result in a higher electric bill according to the efficiency of the cooker selected
  • Power outages can be a real issue
  • Electric cookers are a bit sensitive physically

Cons of a gas cooker

  • Relatively harder to clean
  • Can heat up the surroundings quickly
  • Gas odors and wastes
  • Relatively expensive installation

Pros of a gas cooker

  • Instant heat
  • Gas supply cheaper than electricity
  • Relatively resilient when compared physically

Mr. Engineers Ltd – Leading Electric Cooker Installers!

Mr. Engineers Ltd in your service will provide you licensed engineers with authorized IDs and their legal installation permissions so that you can affirm yourself regarding the authenticity of the services provided to you.

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We can help you give yourself peace and satisfaction by showing you all the official documents and that too, with 24/7 emergency services!

We fit your favorite electric cooker in your place of selection and much more.

Why go for us?

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Our certified crew can give you professional advice that can help you choose the right electric cooker for quality home maintenance and our cordial services will guarantee the optimum experience for you.

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