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The most important thing to run a business is compliance with the area’s or country’s health and safety regulations because it is essential to take care of the wellbeing of your employees. This is why it is integral for all businesses to have a valid Commercial Electrical Certificate which clearly emphasizes that you run your business in compliance with the safety regulations laid out by the government. We make sure that your business meets all the safety standards, thus set by the government bodies, and issue the Commercial Electrical Certificate accordingly. These certificates need to be renewed after a certain period of time and therefore we have the required provisions for the same as well, to offer our esteemed clients with the best of assistance.

Looking for Commercial Electrical Installation Condition Report?

If you are a building owner or manager, you definitely know the stress of making sure that all your tenants are safe inside your property. Sure, there are things that you have no control over; but for the things you do have, it is just right for you to take the necessary actions to ensure that everyone’s far from harms way.

You are responsible to make sure that you and your staff complies with Health & Safety legislation. However, it is usually dependent on the terms of your lease as to whether you or your landlord pays for testing to be carried out on the electrical installation. Usually, if you are on a full repairing lease then the cost will fall to you.

It is highly recommended when undergoing electrical examination and getting your electrical certificate for your commercial premise. Our Electrical Engineers are highly trained and are NICEICELECSA, and NAPIT registered. They fully understand all requirements and strictly adhere to regulations to provide the highest quality of work.

How much does a Commercial Electrical Certificate Cost?

Price List

If you do not know the number circuits or the type of circuit you have, kindly mail us a picture of your fuse board and we can give you an accurate quote.

Commercial Electrical Certificate 1 – 5 ciruits £150
Commercial Electrical Certificate 6 – 10 circuits £200
Commercial Electrical Certificate 11 – 15 circuits £250
Commercial Electrical Certificate 16 – 20 circuits£300

What's the difference between Periodic Inspection Report and Electrical Installation Condition Report?

BS 7671:2008 Amendment 1 was published on 1 July. One of the amendments is to the reporting of a periodic inspection for an electrical installation where the previous ‘Periodic Inspection Report’ has been changed to ‘Electrical Installation Condition Report

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