Electrical Safety Certificate


As a customer who wants the best for themselves and their home, it is necessary to know everything when it comes to paying for services. Being aware of everything is vital for making the right decision, having satisfaction, and to prevent further problems in the future.

An electrical safety certificate or landlord’s electrical safety record is a very important commodity when it comes to electrical appliances and is given to you by a licensed engineer. It is required by the law in the UK that an electrical safety certificate be held by all rental accommodations that have electrical appliances installed.

Mr.Engineers – Taking care of all the legal requirements!

We, as a professional institute, are aware of all the legitimate formalities. Our crew is exceptionally trained in an extensive series of services and is experienced in every licit paperwork. 

Landlord safety certificates in London are exceedingly important. We provide you with an electrical safety certificate after fitting any electrical appliance with a description of the appliance installed. To be on the safer side, you should always be clear of whether a registered electrical contractor engineer is fitting your appliance and checking it because when it comes to electrical equipment, the engineer must be governing body accredited.

It is necessary to have the legal confirmation/approval of a qualified engineer in the form of an electrical safety certificate regarding the safety and functioning of the electrical appliance for quality home maintenance and safety from future troubles.

Moreover, we issue you an electrical appliance installation certificate with insurance that covers up to 5 Million Public Liability.

We can help you give yourself the peace and confirmation by showing you all the official documents and that too, with 24/7 emergency services!

Our Procedure

Here is the procedure we follow:

  • A complete health and safety inspection around the place where the electrical appliance is to be installed
  • Disconnecting the old appliance for free
  • Unboxing the new appliance with caution
  • Affirming that the current connections are legal and safe
  • Checking the tightness and safety of the electrical connection and electrical pathway
  • Testing the new appliance completely
  • Providing you with the Electrical Appliance Installation certificate and electrical safety certificate

We got your back!

With our reliable staff, our customers are provided with secure, first-rate services for quality home maintenance. A cordial engineer will help you have the best experience you deserve that would be, of course, within the time limit according to your need. We will take care of all your legal requirements and you can rest assured that you won’t have any future legal issues.

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