Emergency Lighting Certificate


Electricity seems consistent until it is not. In the day, power outages can be managed but they are extremely hard to deal with at night. The lack of any backup plan will make you just sit in vain in case of any emergency power outage.

Being a building owner or manager, the legal responsibility of the safety of your tenants falls on your shoulders. You can’t have control over every aspect but it is vital to make sure you have all the legal requirements fulfilled to avoid any licit issues.

We, as a professional firm, value our customers’ satisfaction. This is why we feel obliged to provide them with salient and simple explanations too, along with our leading services.

What is an Emergency Lighting Certificate?

An Emergency Lighting Certificate or ELC is a document that shows the confirmation of the safety of the emergency lightings of a place or building for its tenants and employees. This certificate should be renewed and rechecked every few years.

Is an Emergency Lighting Certificate important and necessary?

Yes, an emergency lighting certificate is necessary because power outages can happen out of nowhere and it is required by the United Kingdom Law that any business satisfy and comply with the codes and safety regulations as there are specific responsibilities on the building manager regarding its tenants and workers.

If it is not held by the owner, it can result in legal troubles. Emergency lighting acts as a backup plan and helps you out a lot. Failure to show the certification at the time of need can make the building manager vulnerable to licit complaints. An emergency lighting certificate acts as proof that your emergency lighting system was inspected by a licensed engineer.

How do I get an Emergency Lighting Certificate?

An emergency lighting certificate can only be gained by an authorized electrical engineer that is NICEIC, NAPIT and ELECSA accredited. They will carry out a complete inspection of the building and then hand over the document to you once they are sure that it is entirely safe.

Mr.Engineers Ltd – Taking care of all the legal requirements and installations!

It is necessary to have the legal confirmation/approval of a qualified engineer in the form of an emergency lighting certificate regarding the safety of the emergency lighting system in the building.

We, as an experienced institute, are aware of all the legitimate formalities. Our crew is exceptionally trained in an extensive series of services and is experienced in every licit paperwork.

We can help you give yourself the peace and confirmation by showing you all the official documents and that too, with 24/7 emergency services!

We provide you with an emergency lighting certificate after a complete inspection of the place while following licit protocols. Moreover, we issue you a Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate (MEIWC) to claim responsibility for the safety of the electrical appliances installed, the EICR and our insurance covers up to 5 Million Public Liability.

Why select Mr. Engineers Ltd? 

  • Our engineers are NICEIC, NAPIT, and ELECSA registered so you know that you are in safe hands.
  • No hidden expenses, only upfront payment
  • Professional domestic and Commercial Electricians in London for premium services
  • Both commercial and residential services provided to help out our clients
  • Emergency assistance provided within less than 60 minutes of deliverance in any place
  • Our crew has been through strenuous and licensed training for these services
  • Give us a call and get a reliable and thorough inspection
  • Our insurance covers up to 5 million public liability to bring our customers as much comfort as possible
  • Our repair services make your appliances new again in no time
  • We provide emergency home repair and maintenance services anytime and anywhere in London

Our Procedure

Here is the protocol we follow:

  • A complete health and safety inspection of the building
  • Visual inspection
  • Dead inspection
  • Live inspection
  • Affirming that the current connections are legal and safe
  • Checking the tightness and safety of the electric connections
  • Testing the emergency lightings completely
  • Providing you with the Emergency Lighting Certificate and Electrical Installation Condition Report

We have your back!

We strive to achieve the utmost satisfaction of our clients and to give them the prime experience they deserve. With our reliable staff, our clients are provided with secure, first-rate emergency lighting services for quality home maintenance. 

So now you can say goodbye to the trouble of being in the dark during a power outage. Being in this work for enough time, we are experienced enough to know the legal formalities. So don’t fret about any future legal issues because we will make sure that you have all the important documents and commodities regarding our services!

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