Fire Alarm Certificate


If precautions are neglected, accidents may happen. In the UK, an estimated 320 people die due to gas fire accidents annually. This is why safety is always necessary when it comes to using gas and electrical appliances.

Fire alarm systems are very important as they keep you noted of any smoke detection or possible fire hazards. Even when there is no smoke, the leakage of colorless and odorless gases can bring fatal harm to yourself and the people within the property.

Installation, home repair, and maintenance services aside, we try to keep our clients aware of everything as much as possible so their place and themselves are out of harm’s way and this is why we have always had positive feedback.

What is a Fire Alarm Certificate?

A Fire Alarm Certificate or FAC is an important commodity that affirms the safety of the fire detection system installed in a place. The certificate further includes the details of the appliances installed, test procedure, and results.

Is a Fire Alarm Certificate important and necessary?

The necessity and requirements of the installation of a fire alarm system are stated by NFPA 72. Fire Alarm Certificate is exceedingly important as it is required by the United Kingdom Law that any place with a fire alarm system have this document as a proof of the credibility and safety of the system to avoid any accident.

This certificate denotes the satisfaction of all the codes and regulations of BS5839.

How do I get a Fire Alarm Certificate?

A Fire Alarm Certificate can only be issued by a licensed engineer that is gas safe registered. They will perform a complete examination of the property and then issue the commodity to you with the details mentioned once they are sure that the fire detection system is entirely safe and functional.

Mr.Engineers Ltd – Taking care of all the legal requirements for you!

A firearm certificate is proof of the safety of your fire alarm system and must be issued by a licensed and government approved engineer.

We, as a professional firm, are aware of all the legitimate formalities. Our crew is bound to follow all the legal requirements and be as much helpful and friendly as possible for the complete satisfaction of our client as it is our first priority.

We provide you with a Fire Alarm Certificate after a complete inspection of the place while following licit protocols. Moreover, we issue gas safety certificates after the installations and check-ups of gas appliances, and our insurance covers up to 5 million public liability!

And even though being scammed is a valid fear, we can help you be at peace by providing you all our official and authorized IDs and permits.

Why choose us? 

  • Being scammed is a valid and common fear. Well, our engineers are NICEIC, NAPIT, ELECSA, and gas safe registered so you know that you are in safe hands.
  • Both commercial and residential services provided to cover a vast area
  • We do not alarm our clients with hidden costs and expenses
  • Emergency assistance provided within less than 60 minutes of deliverance in any place
  • Every one of our worker is exceptionally trained and certified
  • Give us a call and get a reliable and thorough inspection to get Homeowner Safety Certificates London
  • Our insurance covers up to 5 million public liability
  • We provide emergency home repair and maintenance services all day and that too, all throughout the week!

Our Protocol

Here is the procedure we follow:

  • A complete health and safety inspection of the building
  • Visual inspection
  • Dead inspection
  • Live inspection
  • Affirming that the current connections are legal and safe
  • Checking the tightness and safety of the electric connections
  • Testing the system completely
  • Providing you with the Fire Alarm Certificate and Electrical Installation Condition Report

You can count on us!

With our trustworthy staff, we make sure that the documents and services we provide are prime. Our genial engineers will make sure that you have the best experience

Taking care of all the legal requirements can be confusing most of the time. Our experience and expertise have equipped us with all the protocols for the fulfillment of licit requirements. So don’t fret about any future legal issues because we will make sure that you have all the important documents and commodities regarding the services provided to you!

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