Gas Repairs in London

Waking up in the middle of a cold London night to a broken gas pipe or gas leakage? It’s a frustrating problem, for sure. But no problem is big enough for Mr. Engineers Ltd. As here at Mr. Engineers Ltd, we deal with not only installation but also repair and servicing of gas pipes and heaters.

Gas Services Offered at Mr. Engineers Ltd

Mr. Engineers Ltd offers a wide range of plumbing services, which extend to cover gas pipework too. Our dedicated team of qualified professionals and experts are here to provide round the clock service from the comfort of your very own home.

Some of the gas services provided include

  • Gas pipe installation
  • Repair of broken or burst gas pipes
  • Repair of gas leakage
  • Emergency gas repairs
  • Commercial and residential gas services
  • Landlord Gas Safety Certificates
  • Gas testing and safety check
  • Appliance installation including heaters, boilers, and radiators
  • Repair or servicing of installed appliances

What Causes the Need for Gas Repairs?

It is not an uncommon happening for the gas pipe framework at your home or commercial area to breakdown. And though it is not what you would like to wake up in the morning too, there can always be a possibility of such a happening!

There are several causes of gas pipe breakdown and ultimately, gas repairs. Lets breakdown a few causes here below

  • Old, worn-out appliances and gas pipes
  • Faulty installation and fitting of gas pipes
  • Lack of adequate and timely maintenance 

Hazards of Pending Gas Repairs

Gas leakages and repairs should not be ignored. This may come as an alarm but approximately 50 people are killed in the UK every year due to Carbon Monoxide poisoning from poorly fitted and maintained gas appliances. 

How to Tackle the Problem?

The answer is pretty simple, opt for Mr. Engineers Ltd. Mr. Engineers Ltd has a team of highly trained, qualified, and dedicated professionals that are Gas Safe Registered. Why is that important? It is illegal for anyone to work on gas appliances within the United Kingdom unless they have been Gas Safe Registered.

Apart from being Gas Safe Registered, our team of qualified engineers harbors the following qualities 

  • Dedicated, trustworthy, and courteous professionals
  • 24-hour services including emergency gas repairs
  • Upfront pricing with no hidden charges or fees
  • Quality-control with gas repairs often completed in the first visit
  • Commercial as well as residential gas repairs

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