Bathroom Installation In London


Where designing an elegant bathroom is important for an appealing look, proper installation is equally essential to avoid issues in the future. So always choose a professional set of hands when it comes to bathroom installation. It may cost you a bit more but will save you a lot more in the long-run. Call us today and let the professionals do their job.

Certified Bathroom Installation Company

Mr. Engineers Ltd. is a pioneer when it comes to bathroom installation in London. The experience and dedication you find in our professional staff are unbeatable and it shows in their work. From installation to repair we provide the fastest and top-notch service.  One experience with our staff and you will never need another company.

Installation, Repair, and Blockage

Mr. Engineers Ltd. is the leading brand with most bathroom installation projects in all parts of London. It shows the dedication and quality of our team. We give you the best ideas when it comes to designing and layout and takes care of your pocket. The only thing we don’t compromise is the quality of work. 

Besides installation, we also excel in leak detection, repair of broken items or pipes, and clearance of blockages. With our state of art pieces of equipment, we not only reduce the cost but also make it as close to original as possible. We share the cost of materials, fittings, labor, and timeframe at the beginning with our customers to avoid any discrepancies.

Our versatile team includes professionals covering every aspect of bathroom installation including; plumbers, bathroom installers, flooring specialists, electricians, and decorators. They all work together to make every project unique and successful.

When it comes to bathroom installation in London we have the experienced staff and the right machinery. We are entirely capable of huge commercial and luxury projects and have tons of projects under our name. We cover all the different parts of London and provide the quickest response time.  

We don’t leave you hanging 

We work with a single aim to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and the only way we know to achieve this is through quality installation. Not only our work has the least issues with the passing time we also own our work and respond immediately to future issues. Where other companies may bail on you we stand with our customers and never leave you hanging. That’s what makes us the best emergency plumbing service provider in London.

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