Plumbing at Bars and Pubs


Bars and Pubs Plumbing Services in London 

Bars, pubs and cafés no doubt are the epicenter of London’s glamorous city life. With such an important position these places hold with reference to the hustle and bustle and tourism industry, you would not want to compromise on the pipe framework of your bar or pub!

Here at Mr. Engineers, we have a qualified team of experts who provide state of the art bars and pubs plumbing services in London. 

Plumbing at Bars and Pubs

Bars and pubs are a great place to share the day’s progress over a glass of wine. These places also are excellent tourist destinations, are a great place to hang out with friend’s over the weekend and let’s not talk about those much-awaited dance parties.

Being readily available for customers around the clock, especially in the late hours, an adequate investment in the architecture is a must have. And this includes good plumbing too.

Leaking or broken pipes, boiler issues and clogged toilets are the last thing you want to deal with, rather than dealing with your trusty customers. Mr. Engineers ensures that you will not have to face any of the aforementioned situations.

Services Offered

Here at Mr. Engineers, we have a wide range of plumbing services to provide. And with high quality assurance as well.

Our state-of-the-art bars and pubs plumbing services in London include so many services, ensuring all of your plumbing needs are covered. These include 

Bathroom and kitchen plumbing installation 

Installation of hot water cylinders, immersion heaters, 

Kitchen and bathroom appliance installation 

 Installation of drinking water filters

Apart from the installment of various accessories and appliances, our bars and pubs plumbing services extends to include repair of broken burst and leaking pipes, taps and toilets, lead pipe replacement, and hidden and emergency plumbing leaks.

Our bars and pubs plumbing services also host heating and drain services. With reference to heating services, we deal with 

Installation and repair of heating devices such as boilers and central heating systems

 Gas pipe installation and leakage repairs

Thermostats, radiators, water heaters and much more.

The domain of drain services includes 

Installation of drains

Drain maintenance services including drain cleaning, jetting, repair and Redding

 Gutter cleaning and repair.

Plumbing Services- A Summary

Our bars and pubs plumbing services are extensive and of the best quality. With that said, you may want to give them a try! 


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