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Servicing a boiler requires a lot of different things. A steady hand, a person that has been trained to deal with any issue or problem, and a precise set of tools. This being the case, a lot of other services loathe their servicing visits, not us. We know that if we maintain fantastic servicing standards, our customers won’t have to worry about a thing. And that’s what we want.

  • regular service check means your boiler will always be up to standard, checked and processed by professionals. Enabling you to get on with your life and relax while at home, not constantly on edge, hearing strange noises from your heaters and basement!
  • We’re aware that people live unique and unpredictable lives. That’s why we organise our checks and appointments around what best suits you, you’re in control. We want it to be at a good time for you, so you’re relaxed when we carry out our work.
  • Landlord Safety Certificate don’t just provide a reliable and regular check-up service. We also provide an installation service, as well as both a repair and emergency repair service. So you only need one number in your phone when it comes to boilers.

No more quick fixes, with consistent and thorough servicing.

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Do you need a boiler service in London?

Boilers should be serviced each and every year to ensure continued and safe operation. At Landlord Safety Certificate our Engineers doing your boiler service are Gas Safe Registered (Replaced Corgi in 2009).

Manufacturers recommend that this is done once a year, a boiler warranty can be invalidated if the boiler’s service record is not kept up to date (much like a car’s)

Our engineers will ensure that all the internal parts of your boiler are clean and that your boiler is working to maximum efficiency

We charge £70 for a boiler service

The fixed price boiler service includes:

Visual check The boiler service starts with a visual check that establishes that the boiler, its installation and its positioning, comply with the rules laid out in building regulations, electrical regulations, gas-safety regulations, water by-laws, installation instructions and British Standards. All must comply with present legislation.

Pre-service check To do this the boiler engineer will fire the boiler, check its basic operation and identify any initial faults. A gas rate check is also done.

Examination The casing will be removed (something you, as the householder, should never do yourself). At this point the main components will be examined to see they are clean and free from damage. These components include the main burner, the main injector, the heat exchanger, condense trap, the spark centre probe and the seals and fans. Also part of this section of the boiler service is the checking of all electrics for overheating, the cleaning of all inside surfaces, inspecting all pipe work (water & gas) and joints, and very importantly, making sure the flue terminal is unobstructed.

Flue gases check Flue gases are checked with a flue gas analyser to make sure the boiler is combusting properly. The results are recorded.

Test results If any of these tests show a fault, the engineer should inform you of any additional costs that the repairs will incur. It is widely recommended that the parts are only replaced with those also made by the manufacturer of the boiler, to ensure that they’re compatible.

Gas-tightness The London boiler engineer will carry out a gas-tightness test to establish if there are any leaks in the system.

Boiler Service Report The casing of the boiler should then be carefully replaced and your report is produced. This is your chance to compare what the boiler engineer has stated they have done, with what has actually been completed. Only sign-off the report if you are satisfied with the work done compared to the checklist.

If your boiler has a pre-existing fault booking a boiler service will not repair your boiler.

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