Landlord Safety Certificate

If you are looking for verified Landlord Safety Certificates in London, then you are at the best place already. All certificates provided by us are done so only after conducting thorough inspection of the residential or commercial property by certified engineers in our team. We make sure that every residence has the necessary safety regulations followed in the most accurate manner and we offer our services at reasonable rates for that.  When opting for the service from us, you will be able to get a thorough Electrical Installation Condition Report, Gas safety certificate, Portable Appliance Test certification, Energy performance certificate, Fire alarm certificate, as well as Emergency lighting certificate. Therefore, the complete package for Landlord Safety Certificates in London can be received from us.

If you want a reality check, then it would be fair to mention to you the importance of having Landlord Safety Certificates in London to get the best tenants.

Safety certificates are the prerequisite to ensure the safety of a residential or commercial property. It is a good thing to have these handy when you are renting out a property, because this clearly indicates that the landlord as well as the tenant are safe. But the process to get a certificate issued can be quite time consuming and therefore, seeking assistance from professional certification authorities can really be helpful.

There are different kinds of Landlord Safety Certificates in London and it is important to choose the one that fits your property in the most appropriate manner. So, to have an understanding, you can check out the following types of safety certificates-

  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

These certificates are issued after reviewing and marking the energy performance of your property as per grades. According to the minimum EPC ‘pass’ grade, a property having grades less than E are not suitable for renting.

  • Electrical Certificate

No tenant would like to face exposed wires or faulty connections when they move into a new property, and showing this certificate to your tenant will assure them that your property is safe for residence.

  • Gas Safety Certificate

Consulting with a certified Gas Safe engineer helps you to make sure that there are no gas pipe leaks or damages in the gas lines in your house and once the consultation is done, you get the certificate for the same.

  • Fire Safety Checks

Fire safety is also a matter of grave concern and it is important to get the necessary checks done by professionals before leasing out the property.

There are a number of other safety checks that can also be done, but these few are the unavoidable ones, without which you may lose out on potential tenants due to safety concerns.

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