Vaillant Boiler Error Codes (Status Codes)

Vaillant EcoTEC Pro / EcoTEC Plus Error Codes

Listed below are the most common error codes that you might see on your Vaillant EcoTEC Plus boiler.

Fault Code Possible Cause
S.00 Heating mode error – no heat demand
S.01 Heating mode fan start-up
S.02 Heating mode error – water pump running
S.03 Heating mode – ignition sequence error
S.04 Heating mode – burner ignited
S.06 Heating mode – fan overrun error
S.07 Heating mode – pump overrun error
S.08 Heating remaining cut off time xx minutes
S.10 Hot water demand via impeller sensor
S.11 DHW mode fan start up error
S13 DHW mode ignition error
S.14 Hot water demand via fan sensor error
S.15 DHW mode pump and fan overrun
S.16 DHW mode – fan overrun error
S.17 DHW mode – pump overrun error
S.20 DHW mode – burner on error
S.21 DHW mode – fan start up error
S.22 DHW demand – error pump running
S.23 DHW ignition error
S.24 DHW mode – burner error
S.25 DHW mode – pump or fan overrun error
S.26 DHW mode – fan overrun
S.27 DHW mode – pump overrun
S.28 Hot water burner anti-cycling time
S.30 Room thermostat is blocking heating mode
S.31 No heat demand boiler in summer operating mode
S.32 Waiting period because of fan speed deviation
S.34 Heating mode frost protection error
S.39 Burner off contact has been triggered this could be because of contact thermostat or condensate pump
S.40 Comfort safety mode active
S.41 Water pressure > 2.8 bar
S.42 Flue non return flap return signal blocks burner operation
S.46 Comfort safety mode flame loss at minimum load
S.53 Boiler is in waiting period of modulation f block function due to water shortage
S.54 Boiler is in waiting period of operation, blocking function as a result
S.57 Waiting period comfort safety mode
S.58 Modulation limitation due to noise / wind error
S.61 Gas family check unsuccessful

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