Vaillant ecoTec exclusive Green iQ combi boiler error codes

Code Meaning

Vaillant ecoTec exclusive Green iQ combi boiler error codes

F.00 Interruption: Flow sensor

NTC plug not plugged in or has come loose, multiple plug on the PCB
not plugged in correctly, interruption in cable harness, NTC defective

F.01 Interruption: Return sensor

F.02 Interruption: DHW outlet sensor

F.03 Interruption: Cylinder sensor

F.10 Short circuit: Flow sensor

F.11 Short circuit: Return sensor

F.12 Short circuit: DHW outlet sensor

F.13 Short circuit: Cylinder sensor

F.20 Safety switch-off: Temperature limiter

F.22 Safety switch-off: Low water pressure

F.23Safety switch-off: Temp.spread too large

F.24Safety switch-off: Temp. incr. too fast

F.25Safety switch-off: Flue temp. too high

F.26Fault: Fuel valve not working

F.27Safety switch-off: Flame simulation

F.28Start-up failure: Ignit. unsuccessful

F.29Start-up failure: Ignit. unsuccessful

F.32Fault: FanF.33Pressure switch

F.35Fault: Air/flue gas duct

F.42Fault: Coding resistor

F.49Fault: eBUS

F.55Fault: CO sensor

F.56Safety switch-off: CO limit exceeded

F.57Fault: Measuring program

F.61Fault: Fuel valve actuation

F.62Fault: Fuel valve switch-off delay

F.63Fault: EEPROM

F.64Fault: Electronics/sensor

F.65Fault: Electronics temp.

F.67Fault: Electronics/flame

F.68Fault: Flame signal unstable

F.70Fault: Invalid Device Specific Number

F.71Fault: Flow sensor

F.72Fault: Flow/return sensor

F.73Fault: Water press. sensor

F.74Fault: Water press. sensor

F.75Fault: Pump/ water shortage

F.77Fault: Flue non-ret. valve/condens. pump

F.78Interrupt.: DHW outlet sensor on ext. contr.

F.80Fault: actoSTOR inlet sensor

F.81Fault: cylinder charging pump

F.82Fault: Ext. current anode

F.83 Fault: NTC temp. gradient

F.84Fault: NTC temp. diff. implausible

F.85Fault: NTCs fitted incorrectly

F.90Fault: Communication

F.94Fault: Vortex and differential pressure

LED actoSTOR module: actoSTOR electronics status

Communication fault: Communication fault

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