Worcester Bosch Greenstar 27/30 I system Error Codes

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 27/30 I system Boiler Error Codes

Fault Description System Behaviour
T1 Ignition test – checking the igniter spark
T2 Fan test – checking the basic fan
T3 Pump test – checking the basic pump
T4 Three way valve test
T6 Ionisation oscillator test
9A 362 error – incorrect HCM fitted
9U 233 Heat Control Module (HCM) error – problem with code plug
B7 257 Internal error – possible control board problem
C6 215 Fan problem – fan running too fast
C7 214 Fan problem – fan not running
D1 240 Return sensor error – sensor may be wet or damaged
E2 222 Flow sensor short circuit error
E5 218 Flow temperature too high
E9 219 Safety sensor fault – temperature too high, sensor short circuit or open circuit
EA 227 No flame detected or flame signal loss during operation
F0 237 Internal error
F7 228 Flame error – false flame or flame detected before burner started
FA 306 False flame fault – flame detected after burner stop
FD 231 Mains power fault – electrical power interruption
FA 364 Gas valve EV2 leak test failed – gas valve leak
FB 365 Gas valve EV1 leak test failed
A1 281 Pump stuck or running with air in the system
C1 264 Airflow stopped during operation
C4 273 Airflow present during last 24 hour
D1 240 Return sensor short circuit
D4 271 Temperature difference between flow and safety sensor exceeds limit
E9 224 Max thermostat activated – flue gas thermostat overheat
EA 227 No ionisation detected after ignition
EF 349 Central heating boil detected – boiler operating at minimum burner load with temperature difference greater than 18°C between Flow & Return.
NO CODE 212 Safety or flow temperature rising too fast

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